SUNGLANZ SYNTH TURBO OIL is designed specifically to meet the most severe demands for turbine applications with a nominal 5,000 hour TOST life. They are recommended for the lubrication of land-based gas turbines, used as standby power units, and in some types of total energy and combined cycle (gas/steam) systems. This product family is formulated with synthesized hydrocarbons and a unique additive system. This formula provides outstanding low temperature fluidity and exceptional resistance to degradation at high temperatures. SUNGLANZ SYNTH TURBO OIL also provide excellent anti wear properties rust and corrosion plus good air release performance and resistance foaming.
shutdown and permit rapid oil circulation at low temperatures during start-up. Since low temperature fluidity and high viscosity These characteristics help to provide superior resistance to thermal/oxidative degradation during the heat soaking period after index are inherent characteristics of fluids, they resist changes in service as a result of mechanical shearing or repeated cycling from low to high temperatures.

· DIN 51515-1 (TD) with and without gearbox
· GE GEK 28568 A
· GE GEK 32568 F
· Siemens TLV 901304
· Solar ES 9-224 ( Class I/Class II
· MIL-PRF-17331 J

· Excellent wear protection and a HVI ensure the long life.
· Outstanding high thermal/oxidative stability and deposit control.
· Excellent low temperature fluidity, reliable flow and lubrication during cold starts.
· Very good resistance to foaming and good air release.
· High level of resistance to heat soak-back after turbine shutdown
· Less deposit build-up and improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Full Range of ISO Grades :

VG22, VG32, VG46, VG68, VG100, VG150

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