An advanced performance fuel, complying with the SANS 342 (2006) specification, sulphur content distillate fuel. SUNGLANZ Ultimate Diesel500 has been, formulated to include an exclusive additive package that enhances the characteristics of the fuel. SUNGLANZ Ultimate Diesel  is designed to deliver a unique combination of enhanced engine performance and reduced exhaust emissions. SUNGLANZ Ultimate Diesel is primarily recommended for use in most passenger cars and sport utility diesel engines. SUNGLANZ Ultimate Diesel delivers both more performance and less pollution.
Application and Benefits:
SUNGLANZ Ultimate Diesel is an optimum performance fuel and therefore also recommended
for use in road transport; Agriculture; Construction & earthmoving; Mining; Stationary Industrial
applications (Power generation); Marine &Railroad
Main Benefits:
Improved air quality, due to reduction in tail – pipe emission gases.
Reduction in particulate matter (PM), which contributes to exhaust black smoke; Lower sulphates
reduce the tendency for acidic corrosion.
4X Cleaning power, cleaning the injection system and allows better combustion
More mileage, up to 36 km per full tank
Reduces downtime maintaining the fuel system components
Extends life of the engine
Up to 8% Increased power and responsiveness due to higher cetane number

Full Range of D2 Products:

  1. 10 pmm
  2. 50 ppm
  3. 500 ppm
  4. 2500 ppm
  5. 5000 ppm

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